Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Shelf Life of Thankfulness

Yesterday I spent time working with BB and doing a closet project preparing for Baby M's.  I wonder if M's will hear about the story a couple of years from now when she is able to sort of understand. Who knows.

As I was working thoughts flashed through my mind of other projects worked on and accomplished with other little ones at my elbow. Today there were smiles, laughing and constant stream of questions, and stream of consciousness coming out of BB.

It was interesting to observe someone who had not yet even thought of the concept of self-editing. Refreshing in a way...to hear the thoughts as they formed and then made it to her mouth.

I wonder if it wouldn't be more honest if we did less self-editing.  I am so quick to form thoughts into more appropriate and therefore more acceptable expression. There may be a lesson here learn at the feet of BB.

It was just a shelf. It was more space for clothes to hang and more room to stack in the soon to be youngest's closet.

As I was working with my hands and hearing my oldest grandchild verbalize,  thoughts flashed through my mind of blessings unrecognized and therefore the source of them un-thanked.  At times I am frustrated by the gifts that I have been given.  Enough for somethings not enough for others that I would love to be able to accomplish.

I was thankful for hands that had learned how to handle saw, drill and measuring tape.  No, I am not going to build the next Crystal Cathedral...but do we really need another one of those?  I was able to do what was needed and at the same time have time with a little one who remembers everything.

I hope that she will understand quicker than this child of Adam to be grateful for the gifts given and grace received from the Father of lights without wishing for others.

So what is the shelf life of thankfulness? About as long as it takes for us to realize where the gifts are coming from in the first place.  Not to second guess or wish for others, but simply receive what comes from the Father's hand with a heart that understand the cost of grace and the gifts received.

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