Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Cup of Coffee on a Cold Morning

First cup of coffee on a cold morning...the floor is cold as I walk across it. The dogs don't even want to get up that is life in the North country even with climate change rattling its way northward. In the middle of a cold  morning,  I am reminded of the blessings that surround me...

The house is quite in the way that only an early morning house can be quite.   Just "T" and me are wake with the wind rattling the windows as the snow falls. Just days into the new year with celebrations of the holiday of 2012 just behind me. Now for a few moments of reflection and review to reconnect heart, mind and soul. 

Luke 9:23
23 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.

Lord Jesus--So what will the day bring? I rest myself in the reality of your grace...I submit myself to what you bring my way. You called it taking up my cross daily...and yet on this cold morning with the wind and snow outside it seems more like putting on the snow shoes and hoofing it..

The events of the last few weeks run through my mind.  Emotion is raw and ragged on the edges. Death of innocents on the news just brings into relief yet again the evil of our age.  Why do we insist calling evil sickness? So what does taking up my cross and following you mean for me to day Lord? 

Sometimes it feels like I am Hansel in the fairy tale, trying to follow the bread crumbs home through the dark forest.  But then there is the call me to walk in the light because you are in the light.. So here I am following with my cross in the light of your grace for today.

Help keep I eyes where they need to be...I don't have to choose to focus on that things that are beyond my ability to change. Pray for the things that only You in your mercy and grace can work with...that is enough for today.

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