Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stuff Breaks Sometimes

I am going through a time of stuff breaking.  Not great but that is the season of life right now.  There is spring, fall, winter, summer and then stuff breaks is a season that has been added.  I think it comes right between winter and the coldest part of winter.

Not to be too optimistic, but there are upsides to stuff breaking that I would not want you to miss.

First, you get to bash stuff and get some energy out.  Let's face it breaking stuff is fun from time to time.  I have gotten asked to leave the recycling station because the sound of breaking glass is satisfying at times.   Now don't misunderstand me the windows in your car and house are safe.  But breaking things that are already broken is just a bonus to having to deal with the broken stuff in the first place.

Second, stuff breaking at least makes you look busy. We all have those times when a bit of acknowledgement of our seriously busy life is a good thing.  Yes, I am a busy guy and I still have time to fix this silly what ever.  Would you like my list of things that are broken and need fixing...I doubt it. I am sure you have your own ""honey-due list." Checking things off the list...priceless.

The last thing that I can think of that is an up side of things breaking is the fact that sometimes...not always but sometimes we can even fix things a bit better than they were before. We leave a mark that is my kind of paying it forward just a bit.

 So the next time something stops working, malfunctions or just plain buys the farm...think about the upside of the downer.  You can pay it forward a can bash some stuff...and you will have the pleasure of looking more busy than usual.

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