Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Locked Out

I got locked out while we were on vacation.   We were staying in a a beach place in South Carolina for vacation and I thought I had my key.  Not good...It was cold I had no shoes on and I found myself ringing the door belling hoping that I didn't scare the life of out Sweet. Did I mention that it was cold.  I was out there for about 15 minutes and I thought it was an hour.  I thought about going down and waiting in the car...thought about calling the Hotel management but in the end Sweet heard the doorbell and let me in.

Note to self wear shoes when going outside the door even if you think that it will be for just a quick weather check.  Shoes are a good idea...

Then of course as I was warming up with a coffee in one hand and my computer in the other...thoughts started to percolate.

First, thoughts of thankfulness for the blessing of being locked out.  So many people have no place to go...and here I am just trying to get inside a place I willingly left.

Second, keys are not be dealt with lightly. Keep track of them even when you think that they are in your pocket.  Silly man...the key to my heart needs to be Jesus...his call, his hope alive within me, his message on my lips and in my heart.

Third, being on the outside looking in is not comfortable. Where are the people who are on the outside looking in that just need to the key...

Forth, early rising isn't for everyone don't get locked out again!

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