Saturday, March 14, 2009

Politics and Being Christian

I had a conversation with a friend the other day who is not a conservative Christian. When I used that term conservative christian he immediately thought of a certain political agenda. One that was tied to the death penalty, small government and no limits on the free market system.

We talked and the conversation evolved beyond that picture...but one of his parting comments to me we that I was not really a conservative christian. But I am a conservative christian, I am someone who believes that Jesus died for my sins, that there is hope only in what God does for us not what we ever do for him.

Clarification--I am someone who believes that eveyone should have access to medical care. Why? It is simple, I can remember good people, working people who could not afford to carry health insurance because of the cost. Health care should not just be available to the rich.

I believe that there should be justice for all and that money should not make anyone more equal than those without it. So until there are rich people who end up on death row, I don't believe anyone should die at the hands of the state.

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