Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wanting Spring to Come, Or Patience Is a Good Thing

At the end of the day...the first day of spring is almost over. Why is there still snow in my back yard? I want to see the change of spring in the back yard and to smell the pine trees as they begin to sense the coming of spring.

Many times that is the way it is, we want to see change that just does not seem to come. We wait and we pine away for things that we can not have. At least we can not have them when we want them.

Waiting is something that is a learning process, whether it is waiting for spring or God's work in our lives, or a promotion at work. We learn by waiting that life is not set up to run on our schedules, we are not in control, we are people who are dependant, limited and vulnerable. Everyone waits and here I am learning that spring is still not here and that I have to learn the lesson of that snow melts on its own time table, not mine...that all things will melt when it gets warm enough...and hope can be alive even when snow rests on the yard outside my back door on March 20, 2009.

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