Monday, March 16, 2009

From somewhere closer to the heart of Christ

To be Christian is to be connected to the issues of the day...we should have an opinion on all of the current hot button issues of today. Gender issues, sexual orientation issues, issues related to the sacredness of life, should all be issues we are not averse to talking about, thinking about, preaching about, and discussing together.

I am decidedly uncomfortable when there is a "right" position and a "wrong" position on issues. Ultimately, are there rights and wrongs? Absolutely, I believe that there is an objective standard in the Bible, which we imperfectly understand and communicate to each other. God is not silent on the issues of our day.

Am I right all the time in my understanding of what God's word says? No! Are you right all the time...No! So when we disagree, how do we deal with it? We accept each other and realize that each of us could be wrong. The way we handle times when we disagree is more important than if we disagree on matters of opinion and politics. We can disagree and still join together and follow Christ.

I have gotten conversation started during fellowship, by my comments about the need for everyone to have access to quality health care. Sermons should get people talking and thinking and feeling.

How should we get to the place where working people can afford insurance? Should it be through private insurance? Should it be through some nationalization of health care? Should it be a combination of the two? I have no idea. I know that people having to make the choice between health insurance and paying the rent are in a no win situation. Jesus did not check insurance cards before he healed people...thank you Jesus.

Christ reaches out to us even when we were wrong in our sins. He sees not just what we are currently, but also what we can become by His grace. Help me to be that kind of person who sees beyond the words to the heart.

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