Monday, March 30, 2009

Noticing the Leading

There are times when I notice almost as if for the first time that you are leading me Lord. I am not sure exactly how I have gotten to where I am but as I look back down the road I see the outline of your leadership. Unique and shaped only by your hand, I see choices that could have just as easily been different.

I know that in these last few months I have noticed that leadership in a way that I have not noticed quite like this before. Your leading has clarified since I have prayed a simple prayer again and fact this simple prayer has become an undercurrent in my thinking, feeling and is on my lips at times and I don't even know where it came from..."Holy Spirit work."

I suppose that prayer implies that I am open to where Your leading takes me...I am willing to be lead, changed, molded and above all that I am teachable...all of which are unique for this meandering son of Adam.

Along with that openness there is the realization that openness to you implies a level of transparency that I am not use to. You can see right through me...and you know that without you I have no ability to impact change. The needs that surround me right now are beyond me. You know that kind of person that I am ...workaholic, manager, needing to see results...and yet you put me right in a place where only you can impact abilities are not what is needed...yours are. So you lead me yet again back to a simple prayer...Holy Spirit work.

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