Friday, July 20, 2012

Shooting Stars? Really?

Do I really believe that God can use all of my life like He does a shooting star to illuminate a dark night sky?  It has been bouncing around in my heart the last few days this whole idea  of trusting God during the falls that come from time to time.

It really boils down to trust.  Who do I trust?  Where to I place my trust?  How do I demonstrate that over time to myself and to the world that surrounds me?  When it is time to change things up and take a step back to see where I have ended up as a result of the process?

Now, I want to remind you that I spent a couple of months at one point during my reflection time doing a word study on trust.  That was before the days of this blog and it never made it beyond my journal and heart.  Searching out scripture on this was helpful.   But I have found that application of knowledge is never quite as simple as a the slogan from my 9th grade homeroom bulletin board,   "Free knowledge just bring a container." Great line but not exactly true....

Trust is learn in a context...and my context like yours is ever changing calling me to respond on the fly without the luxury of time to weigh it all out.  There are times when I am the observer to situations where trust is needed...the trip of a granddaughter...the slip of a valued friend...and then there are times when I am the one doing the falling.

In the middle of life the Holy Spirit comes to me again and again reminding me of simple things that need to be learned from the inside out.

Lessons like large changes occur over time, salvation while accepted at one specific point is worked out over a life time within the context of holy awe and a bit of trembling.  Lessons like we start to learn trust right where we are at, not where we would like to be.  Lessons takes place on the granular level of life not in the middle of  big picture musings.

Then there is the trust that needs to take place right now that Jesus will give me all that I will need to meet the challenge of this day.  This day is a day that Jesus has allowed me to experience because it is a day that I can  live out this trust within a busy life.

Father-Thank you for this day.  Teach me about trust today.

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