Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day Late But Not a Dollar Short--Wrote This Yesterday

I am sitting in a hotel lobby in Fredrickbrugh Virgina.  The Internet access is slow.  I can only open up one browser at a time and I can almost forget what I am writing by the time it reaches the screen as I type.  Ahh life on the it. I am writting this while listening to Pandora on the Kindle...who knows I maybe the single reason for slow Internet in this place.  If so "Sorry Mom...I didn't mean to."

We drove last night until around 10 pm traffic as usual around Washington D.C. was interesting.   As usual, I missed a turn, because I had the GPS  sound turned down so I could listen to music.  It was a slight side trip through down town Newark N.J.  As we were driving through I was impressed that Newark is such a city of contrasts. There is so much poverty.  Homes that we could see right inside the windows of with so curtains...straight back chairs for seats if that. Then, there was such wealth, new business building going up shining glass towers.  I wondered how the poor people that were down the street felt about the wealth that was springing up right beside them and yet passing them by untouched.

I wonder how long that balance will last?  Poverty in the view of such power and money is disconcerting.  I have a feeling that it can't.  But those are darker thoughts for another time.

Do you ever find that reflection is something that comes up when traveling?  It is so much easier to see what is really there, when you are just pasting through. 

Note to self: do not try to take pictures while driving in heavy traffic.  It may work on the way up to Plattsburgh but "we aren't in Kansas anymore Toto."  My somewhat twisted way of saying, Washington drivers have limited patience at best and that would include with a guy trying to take pictures at 74 mph.  Now my friends who read this will correct me for my reference freely admitted to speeding on our nations highways.  My response is..."You try not speeding in that crowd of speed demons...and you will find yourself seeing the pearly gates sooner than expected.

So these pictures have nothing to do with where I am at ...they are from last Thanksgivings trip to OBX but were beautiful if late in being seen.  Hope this finds friends and family well, this is the beginning of a few days off in North Carolina...

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