Friday, June 12, 2009

Sand in the sandbox and all over...

Recently I spent time with Abby and her new friend Kaden. They were playing in the sand box and sand was flying. It is what we expect when kids play. I wonder why I expect anything less whenever humans get together...sand flies and it gets in our eyes and we think that it will never let us see again.

But we shed a few tears and we move on and know that the sand box is a place where we can expect to see the sand and the fur fly.

It isn't always fair...and it isn't the way that we like it...we learn from the whole thing...we learn that it is in the sand box that sand can fly but also it is in the sandbox where castles can be built. In this life there is incredible beauty in the middle of such trying circumstance. I choose to stay in the sandbox even when the sand flies.

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