Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Spring Vacation

Spring time in NC

Time with family...time with a little mind remembers other vacations with a little girl who now has a little girl. I see in my granddaughter the vision of someone newly discovering the is a world of bumps and bruise...a world of grace and goodness...a world of harsh reality and hushed hopes.

Time has flown so fast...parenthood morphs to grand parenthood and I am left wondering what I have learned about the way that God works. Our God is an awesome God full of glory and grace...allowing us to learn about life and him as we go. There are wins and losses along the way, but each is an opportunity for His grace to inform us, and to grow us.

What are you teaching right now Lord...what are the wins teaching me? What are the losses trying to say? How do I grow through them and find your will for the next step? What are the lessons that still need to be learned?

Lots of questions as I look at this little girl who plays and romps around full of life and having so much to learn along the way. I am reminded by the whisper of Your Holy Spirit that this little one whose middle name is Grace is not the only one learning the lessons of Your grace, hope and love. Work Holy Spirit.

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