Monday, August 13, 2012

Resilience in Things that Matter

Still stuck on resilience, this time in the middle of the losses of life.  Loss comes in many forms. Some losses are furry in nature. I have felt silly and sad at the same time when saying good by to a dog in a vets office. Crying at the vet's office...great. Hope that doesn't come my way again any time soon.

Some losses come in the form of relationships ended for a variety of reasons. People will let us down.  Life turns in a moment and the things that seemed dependable reveal themselves to be less than that.  A friend used to use the line,  "more shall be revealed."     I guess I get that line now in a way that I may have missed before.

Resilience of a Jesus follower is a life lived out within a context of faith expressing itself through love. There needs to be those "in spite times" when love needs to be lived out when it hurts. It grows my faith, and it grows my love. The reality is no one is perfect this side of the pearly gates, none of us are done yet.

Galatians 5:6
... The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

To pull that off... to live and accept and rejoice about the need and opportunity to live out faith in a way that bounces back that has resilience in it essence...that sums of the life that Christ calls me to. 

Is there more yet to be revealed in life as it unfolds around me?  Yes, there will be losses and opportunities wrapped up in hope that endures these changes trusting the One who leads me by faith not by sight.

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