Monday, June 18, 2012

Time and the Ticking of the Clock

I have noticed that time is passing in a way that I have not noticed quite before. A loved granddaughter turns four with another grandchild on the way...a son marrying soon are all indications of time ticking ceaselessly away in the background.

I don't wear a watch anymore. Why should I bother.  The cell phone has one on it anyway, and it is never far from reach.So what is the big deal.  Well, silly man, you are getting older too.  That is the way it works.

Age has it benefits...a bit of respect for experience gained, but of course the price is the calender on the wall.  I have a friend who lies about his age.  I have a feeling that he senses the ticking of the clock louder than I do. I hope he comes to peace with the clock on the wall soon.  I think that it struck a cord for me when I heard that Dick Clark had died.  The man who never seemed to age had passed from this life.

I guess I march to a different drummer on the whole issue of appearances.  I don't hide the tracks of time.  What is the use in it? What is, is...

So time keeps ticking...there seems to be a cadence to it that is almost a back beat at times.  I have long ago stopped keeping track of if it is wide ties or narrow ties that are in fashion.  I make sure I buy ties that are not too wide or too narrow so no one knows if I am in style or not.  Better yet I avoid ties at every chance that I can.  I don't have the time for them.  Thank you Rick Warren for showing us that God really doesn't care about what kind of shirt we wear on Sunday or even if it is in good taste.

So where does that leave me on the thing about time? My approach is simple and direct.  The One who lead me down this journey of time, will not leave me this far from home alone.  So I keep step with the cadence of His footfalls the best that I can and trust that the next step will lead me closer to Him.  A tag line from an old movie playing in my head..."feet don't fail me now."

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