Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prayer Walking Today

Each day is a prayer walk that leads me to places that at times I would sometimes choose not to be. Undesirable location does not mean that I am not following. It just means that the walk requires more faith to be able to see the direction of God in the steps that lead to this place.

The hope is that my heart can be like this moose following the direction of the wind...I just hope that the wind that I am catching is the wind of the Spirit of God, not the wind of the opinion of those that surround me or who have my attention at the moment. There are times when I have Attention Deficet Disorder of the soul.

That is the hard part in following the direction of the Spirit of God in my life...that I am not driven by the forces that surround me, but instead catch the Holy Wind. Teach me the ways of the Holy Wind Lord Jesus.

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